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Reservoir Geophysical specializes in working interactively with interpretive geophysicists and geologists.  Our expertise and advanced data processing technology will contribute strongly to your exploration success.  The knowledge, objectives and project schedules of your company and staff will be an integral part of seismic data processing at Reservoir Geophysical.

Advanced seismic processes such as Kirchhoff 3D Pre Stack Time Migration, 3D Pre and Post Stack Depth Migration, Pre-and Post-Stack Inversion, Coherence Cube, Volume Curvature and AVO products are effective in optimizing data quality and extracting valuable information from seismic data.  Reservoir Geophysical furnishes advanced data processing at the direction of and in coordination with your staff.  However, the complete data processing sequence performed accurately is essential to ensure and enhance the effectiveness of advanced processes.

Reservoir Geophysical’s complete data processing treatment includes fully interactive geometry to find and correct problems in survey, cabling and transcription.  In coordination with your geologists and geophysicists, Reservoir Geophysical utilizes the best of technology in refraction static solutions, high resolution iterative velocity analysis,  residual static corrections, waveform treatments, and noise rejection techniques.

Reservoir has recently added Volume Curvature, Pre-Stack Inversion, Spectral Decomposition, and Coherence Cube Technology to the list of our capabilities.

Call us for a presentation, complete information, discussion of your projects, quotations and references for advanced data processing for your new seismic data sets or for reprocessing of existing data sets.

Manager of Data Processing: Jack Robinson

President: John Setlock